Online slots and their bonuses

There is just one thing that separates slots winners from losers; knowledge of bonuses. If you have the right information on slots and their bonuses, you can go home a winner. Bonuses aren't a rarity, let us tell you. Many credible online-casino-games offer an incredible range of slots and bonuses. These bonuses are easy to get and if you are interested, carryon reading this article.

What is a slot bonus?

A slot bonus is something extra that a casino offers to its new or old players. This extra benefit could be in the form of free spins, virtual cash or even on-site currency. With this bonus, you can unlock the hidden levels of your game, and in the process earn more money. All bonuses offered by the casinos to players are subject to certain terms and conditions.

Players need to understand and accept these conditions before accepting and using their bonuses. Slots bonuses could be a part of the casinos' regular marketing strategy or form a part of their seasonal promotions. Most of the online casinos that have slots offer bonuses. You can find these casinos in your country by doing a simple internet search. Once you have done that, you need to register yourself.

  • Never sign up with an unlicensed online casino
  • You can find your casino's license number at the bottom of the home page
  • Avoid casinos that guarantee you money

When you register for the first time on a casino, you might be awarded a No Deposit Bonus. In simple terms, it means you receive this virtual money without making any initial deposit. Most casinos do require you to deposit some money upon registration. The bonus that comes comes after making a deposit is called a Deposit Bonus. A No Deposit Bonus is generally lesser in amount than the latter

What are Matching Bonuses?

The Deposit Bonus that you get could match your initial and subsequent deposits. For example, upon depositing $100, you might get $100 as a matching bonus. If you deposit say $50, your bonus would be the same amount. This matching activity has a limit, else the casino might go bust. If you are lucky, your casino might award you x2 or x3 your deposit amount as bonus.

Online slots and Free Spins

With your Free Spins, you can spin your favorite slot without spending your own money. The operative word is ' can' because free spins come with several terms and conditions. Most online casinos insist on certain wagering conditions before you can utilize your bonus spins. This may look unfair to some of the readers, but free spins can unlock several bonus features of your slot.

High Roller and Weekly/ Monthly Reload Bonuses

High rollers are often pampered with special and high value bonuses by their casinos. These bonuses aren't available to everyone and are meant to cover the risks taken by these gamblers. Some casinos also roll out weekly and monthly reload bonuses to players who top up their accounts frequently. These bonuses are meant to keep the players in good humor and encourage them to spend more.

  • Your bonuses might be subject to taxes

VIP bonuses and other bonuses

VIP bonuses are meant for players who have stood with their casinos for very many years. These loyal players are rewarded with special and exclusive bonuses by these casinos. Dedicated relationship managers help and guide these loyal players to win their slots. These special players also get special access to slots tournaments that offer big money. To become a VIP player, you need to acquire a lot of experience.

Common bonus terms and conditions

Slots bonuses are non-transferable i.e you can't give away your bonus to your friend or somebody else. You have to use your bonus within a specified time period. This period could be a few days, week, or a fortnight. Your bonus would be canceled if you don't use it within this time frame. Many online casinos offer just one bonus per household. Lastly, bonuses are tied to certain wagering requirements.